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For 2015 Build Green NM Offers 3 choices for Certification

  1. Dual Certification with Home Innovations Research Labs
  2. The New regionally developed 2015 Build Green NM Program
  3. Continued Certification under the existing program using the 2012 National Green Build Standard ICC-700

For the New 2015 Build Green NM Program

In 2014 Build Green NM went through a rigorous revision to our Build Green NM Program. This program was approved by our Board of Directors (The Foundation for Building) on November 4th 2014. This streamlined program sets a more rigorous standard for the higher levels of certification. The program is much more user friendly and faster to use.

Reduction of cost for Certification (Currently $200)

New program focus is on the High performance components of;

  • Energy and Water Efficiency and Indoor air quality
  • Program base documents are
    • 2012 National Green Building Standard ICC-700
    • 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (2015 IECC)
    • ASHRAE 62.2 (Ventilation)

Download: The 2015 Build Green NM Certification Program.

Download: Comment Form for BGNM program (use this form if you have questions or comments about the new program.

Existing Build Green NM program Based on the 2012 ICC-700

Projects started in the existing program will be honored through November 2015.

See below for how to certify in the old program

If you have any other questions contact Steve Hale; Program Director at 505-688-5335 or at bgnm@comcast.net.

Build Green NM has adopted the 2012 ICC-700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS). After May 1st 2013, all projects must be registered and certified under this new standard. Projects registered before May 1st may be certified under either the 2008 NGBS or the 2012 NGBS.

I. Score Your Project

The first step to building green is to score your project.  Below you will find the link to download the 2012 Build Green NM Scoring Tool/Designers Report/Verification Report.  This is a multipage spreadsheet and by scoring your project you will have an idea of what level your project may achieve.  Our program base is the 2012 ICC-700 National Green Building Standard.

II. Hire a HERS Rater/Green Verifier

Here is a link to help you find a Green Verifier in your area.  Almost all Green Verifiers are also HERS raters.  This person will act as an independent 3rd party to evaluate your plans, test and verify the practices that you have claimed in the scoring tool and submit the verification report to Build Green NM along with other required documentation for certification.  These will be hired under separate contract by the builder.  This person will be a great asset for the success of your project. Click here, then select New Mexico.

III. Registration

A project must be registered before framing is complete.  This is done online through www.CertifiedGreenNM.org, an eCommerce website. You may pay by credit card through PayPal or by a mail-in check.  It allows you to register up to 10 projects (addresses) at one time.  The BGNM requirements must be agreed to at that time.  The fee for registration is $50 per project.

IV. Build/Verify/Test

Schedule your HERS Rater and Green Verifier to inspect, test and verify at the required times.  This will involve several visits, usually at frame before insulation, after insulation (before drywall) and at final.  Be sure that you understand the correct times for these inspections and that there may be more inspections than those mentioned above.

V. Certify

The builder must fill out the Certification Application (Link below) and submit the required documents from the HERS rater/Green Verifier (the rater verifier must submit this to the builder in PDF format).  The correct fee must be submitted before Build Green NM will review the project for certification.  Payment may also be done online through www.CertifiedGreennm.org with a credit card or mail by check.  Note the turnaround for certification is about 1 week after the fee is received.  Also, note that final inspection and testing may take place before Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the code officials.  However all items claimed by the builder must be In place for verification.  It is preferred but not required that the documentation come from the rater/verifier to Build Green NM.

Downloads, Links to Forms, and Resources

  1. Link to Register and pay fees for your project including the Certification Application Fee;  www.CertifiedGreenNM.org.
  2. Find a Verifier (who is usually also a HERS Rater). Click here, then select New Mexico. Be sure to ask if they can perform both services as that will save you money.
  3. Download the 2012 Build Green NM Scoring Tool/Designers Report/Verification Report.
  4. Download the 2012 BGNM Verification Guidelines for Builders and Verifiers. This is only for use with the 2012 National Green Building Standard.
  5. Download the Project Certification Application for 2012 NGBS.

Sample Forms for Some Practices in Build Green NM Projects

  1. Mission Plan
  2. C&D Waste Management Plan
  3. Moisture Management Plan
  4. Sample Home Owner’s Manual