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+ Why is it important to buy or build a green?
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+ Is a green home more expensive?
+ Who builds green in New Mexico and where?
+ Why is building efficiently catching on?
+ Are there any drawbacks to building green?
+ How do I retrofit an existing home green?

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Why should I build my homes Green?

If you want to be competitive in today’s market you have to build a better home than the many homes, both new and resales, currently for sale.  A new home that home shoppers see as more comfortable to live in, less costly to operate, and altogether a healthier home will become homebuyers.  Build Green NM tests and certifies homes and teams with the Green Build Councils of the local HBA’s to provide education for builders across the state.  Home Buyers are smart and they will look for a builder that has the correct answers and product to satisfy their needs. The marketplace has changed and consumers have come to expect green features and building standards.

How do I certify a home in the Build Green NM program?

Build Green NM (BGNM) is founded on the ANSI 2008 National Green Building Standard (NGBS).  The NGBS is a point based program that requires points being earned in each of 6 categories.  There are 4 levels of certification in the BGNM program.  Build Green NM certifies homes, residential multifamily buildings, new communities, and major remodels. The certification process starts at the design phase and is completed when the home is finished.  Go to the About BGNM / Certification Process tab on this website for more information and BGNM downloadable forms.

Are there incentives to building Green?

New Mexico is one of the most forward-looking states in our country.  We have transferable State Income Tax credits, deep fee-reduction and expedited processing incentives in Albuquerque for building on the “Green Path” and PNM and Gas Company of NM also offer incentives in many areas of the state.  Click on the Member Resources tab for links to these and other sites.

How do I know if my product or service is considered Green?

The Build Green NM program is based on the 2008 National Green Building Standard.  The Standard indicates what practice or product qualifies to earn “points” in the program.  If you are not sure after looking at that document then contact the Director of Build Green NM for further information (bgnm@comcast.net)